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Copper Pyramids

The pyramid effect is an interesting and mysterious phenomenon.
In recent years, Pyramidology has experienced resurgence in popularity.
The pyramid shape itself is being seen as a supernatural source of power or energy.
Pyramid act as an an energizer and psycho-regulator.
There is not “magic effects” outside the Nature, because nothing escapes to the Natural Laws. The psychic effects are the normal ones of a brain that work physiologically well and in conditions for extending and for developing their potentialities.
 In general, pyramid energy is good for multi-cellular organism so it helps with healling of cuts, bruises and burns, as well as reducing pain from toothaches and headaches, and because corrects the immunodeficiency system it helps with killing infections what resulting in disapperance of diseases.

Sleeping under a large copper pyramid has several benefits (as above).  Less sleep is needed, this also causes the lucid dreams, and puts the mind in a creativ mood when you are awake

 Meditation and using pyramid energies is a powerful combinationPyramid energy puts your mind, much easier into a deep relaxative alpha/theta state. 

Our Meditation & Healing Copper Orgone Pyramid built with the sacred geometry ratios of the Great Pyramid at Giza is powerful personal tool for achieving deep meditative states and accelerating healing on the spiritual, the mental, and the physical levels. The sovereign energy of the pyramid is unique and powerful as the energy within the healing meditation pyramid bounces from the equal sides of its edges and collects in the center.The copper capstone keeps the energy intact acting as a conduit which spreads the energy downwards. Also Copper self is a healing metal and has long been used, especially for arthritis and rheumatism. Copper has been used also with blood and metabolism disorders.

Our pyramids are not the ordinary combination of copper tubes. What makes them unique is the specially constructed and designed copper cup, which is The Orgone Generator.
The top of the pyramid has the quartz crystal built in, what greatly amplifies the therapeutic action of the pyramid, generating the orgone energy.

You can also use the Copper Orgone Pyramid for improving  the taste and quality of food and drink such as: water, coffee, wine and fruit juices: Pyramid energy alters the hydrogen bond in water. Milk will stay fresh longer under a pyramid without refrigeration. Also fruits stay fresh longer under a pyramid. This because the micro-organi
sms that make the food spoil cannot withstand the orgone energy.


Pyramid Therapy

In Pyramid Therapy  no medical diagnosis is required to initiate the healing process. The Pyramid power detoxifies, repairs imperfections of the energy flow in the body, and brings cells and tissues back to their healthy state.
 The Pyramid therapy is  powerful and in the same time non-invasive. Undergoing pyramid healing means simply sitting inside the pyramid and relax...The pyramid and orgonite does the rest.